Infinica Platform

The innovative central CCM platform for management of your customer communications.

Platform overview

The Infinica platform is a Customer Communication Management (CCM) platform based on open standards, and focuses on process-controlled document or form creation and editing. In this case, Infinica facilitates both mass creation in shadow processing and interactive rule-based document creation.

The interactive creation and editing of documents and forms is facilitated via the device-independent HTML5 interfaces provided by Infinica without any plug-ins.

The W3C standard used to describe the documents is XSL-FO. XPath is used as the query language and for the definition of rules. Our focus on these technologies guarantees the greatest possible level of supplier independence because countless resources, examples and documents are available on the internet and in book form.

It is very easy to integrate Infinica into existing IT architectures. The reason for this is a mature workflow engine which uses BPMN 2.0 Notation. What is more, this process approach facilitates a flexible response by any number of output channels, ranging from printers, electronic archives, email, and SMS to social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. With regard to the output channels, support is provided for a wide variety of output formats such as PDF, PDF/A, PostScript, AFP, responsive HTML5, as well as many others.

Business Designer

The Infinica Business Designer allows the design of templates in an easy and intuitive way and was developed especially for business users. Usability aspects for this user group were key drivers of the interface design. While this provides a low entry barrier for less experienced designers, it is still possible for advanced users to implement even very complex requirements.

Icon Infinica Template Designer

Template Designer

With the Infinica Template Designer, you define templates, rules, style elements, and much more besides. The graphic WYSIWYG tool scores with its modern drag & drop functionality for fast, easy creation of templates. The template designer is based on the open W3C standard XSL-FO which has been fully implemented.

Icon Infinica Process Designer

Process Designer

Create processes and workflows with the Infinica Process Designer: The graphic tool for process modelling uses BPMN 2.0 Notation. In addition to the steps for document editing only, you can also configure release steps for a document, uploading of enclosures, sending email messages and much more besides.

Icon Infinica Process Engine

Process Engine

The processes and workflows modelled in the Process Designer are run in the Process Engine. The Designer and Engine are so closely integrated that the very process activities which are actually installed in the Engine are offered in the Designer. Infinica provides all the activities typically required to collect, prepare and convert data, to use templates, to render documents, post-edit them if necessary, and ultimately output them.

Icon Infinica Process Engine


Infinica Composer is an editor which is used for interactive creation and editing of documents and forms. Regardless of their access rights, specialist staff can insert, edit, and delete text or text modules, populate form fields, use drop-down lists, and much more besides. Thanks to the access rights with granular control, compliance with corporate design and corporate regulations is assured.

Icon Infinica Workplace


With the workflow interface, you can start document-specific workflows and processes, view your list of tasks, and process your tasks. The sequence of the process steps is controlled by the rules defined in the Process Designer. This means that it is possible to control precisely which users and roles may start which processes and run which tasks (incl. rules for representation, etc.).

Icon Infinica Compare


With Infinica Compare, you can carry out automated comparisons of your documents on a PDF basis. In these regression tests, the PDF files created are compared with reference documents and any differences are immediately apparent. The result is a HTML page with an overview, as well as all the details of your comparisons. The differences are shown both in text and graphic form.

Icon Infinica Repository


Infinica text modules, templates, processes, and all the resources are stored in the repository with access and version control. Access to the central file storage is provided via WebDAV. Infinica’s Resource Explorer and any number of WebDAV clients can be used as a client front end.

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