Prozess Designer

Model processes for creating documents using the modern, graphic design tool.


The Process Designer is a graphic tool for process modelling which uses BPMN 2.0 for creating processes and workflows.

Build processes individually from the basic elements:

  • Start or end state
  • Mapping state
  • Activities – automatically run elements
  • Human tasks – tasks carried out by humans
  • Decision
  • Loop


To run workflow processes, human tasks are essential because in the case of these work steps, the process stops and the relevant task is displayed to the user.

When configuring the workflows, the creator connects activities and human tasks using connectors. In the Process Designer, data mapping is carried out in order to provide the required data for the relevant tasks.

In the case of workflows, further activities are typically needed in addition to the steps for document editing only: When a document is released, for example, enclosures need to be uploaded or an email message needs to be configured. In order to integrate this type of task into the workflow, standard human tasks are available in the Process Designer.

CCM – Platform

Infinica CCM Platform

Use Infinica as the central platform for all your CCM application cases and benefit from:

  • modern HTML5 web interfaces for interactive contracts, documents, quotations, and forms
  • The innovative process designer for your communication processes
  • Batch, on-demand and interactive documents
  • Client-capable repository

Infinica platform overview

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