Prozess Engine

The core and engine of the Infinica platform.


The processes and workflows modelled in the Process Designer are run in the Process Engine. The engine contains the entire data pipeline (all the process instance data) and can transfer this to the workflow components of the specialist application using the connectors.

In line with your individual needs, the required modules are installed from the Infinica Process Engine collection – whereby each module provides a collection of activities above all, but also offers XPath functions, data types, and the relevant converters.


The Infinica Process Designer and Process Engine are so closely integrated that the very process activities which are actually installed in the Engine are offered in the Designer.

The Process Engine provides all the activities typically required to collect, prepare and convert data, to apply templates to data, to render documents, post-edit them if necessary, and ultimately output them.

CCM – Platform

Infinica CCM Platform

Use Infinica as the central platform for all your CCM application cases and benefit from:

  • modern HTML5 web interfaces for interactive contracts, documents, quotations, and forms
  • The innovative process designer for your communication processes
  • Batch, on-demand and interactive documents
  • Client-capable repository

Infinica platform overview

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