Process document and form processes web-based, interactively, and device-independently.


Infinica Workplace is a web-based interface which allows workflow subscribers to process document and form processes device-independently.

Using the workplace, you can:

  • Start and edit processes
  • View task lists and process open tasks
  • Organize holiday substitutions and work with group work baskets

Using the defined rules in the Process Designer, you can control the sequence of the process steps. This means that you can control precisely which users and roles may start which processes and run which tasks (incl. rules for representation, etc.).


The Infinica Workplace shows the workflow steps that have to be processed by a human. The mapped process steps match the human tasks defined in the Process Designer.

Examples of standard activities provided:

  • Dialogues for capturing additional data relevant to creating a document (incl. plausibility checks)
  • PDF preview of the interactively created document
  • Addition of enclosures from the file system
  • Email dialogues for sending the finished document
  • Dialogues for selecting the required output channel (email, print, social media channels)
  • Capturing of process comments

CCM – Platform

Infinica CCM Platform

Use Infinica as the central platform for all your CCM application cases and benefit from:

  • modern HTML5 web interfaces for interactive contracts, documents, quotations, and forms
  • The innovative process designer for your communication processes
  • Batch, on-demand and interactive documents
  • Client-capable repository

Infinica platform overview

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