Template Designer

Create templates and modules using the modern graphic design tool.


Owing to the use of open standards, future proofing and the openness of the platform are guaranteed. Infinica is entirely based on the open W3C Standard XSL-FO, and rules are displayed by XPath in the background.

The Template Designer is a graphic WYSIWYG tool. Using the drag & drop facility, you can create templates, rules, style elements, and much more besides, quickly and with ease.

You can generate simple to infinitely complex templates with the help of graphic configurations. A “Wizard” form is also available for highly complex rules.


Thanks to Infinica’s comprehensive module concept, you can use preconfigured constructs which can be reused in all the templates – whereby modules may, for their part, also contain modules.

To create document templates, the Template Designer offers a large number of elements such as text, tables, images, lists, barcodes, and much more besides. Form fields, dynamic values, conditions, loops, etc. are also available.

In addition to various document template views, the Designer also offers a document preview of the template created with underlying test records in the required target format.

CCM – Platform

Infinica CCM Platform

Use Infinica as the central platform for all your CCM application cases and benefit from:

  • modern HTML5 web interfaces for interactive contracts, documents, quotations, and forms
  • The innovative process designer for your communication processes
  • Batch, on-demand and interactive documents
  • Client-capable repository

Infinica platform overview

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