Itzehoer Insurance

Infinica streamlines the composition, printing and mailing of Itzehoer documents

The Project

The aim of the project was to streamline the daily design, printing and mailing of documents in the field of motorvehicle insurance, such as cover letters, estimates and invoices. Before Infinica’s solution was introduced, it was possible only by means of special applications for documents intended for bulk deliveries to be merged for a single customer, which in everyday document composition was never ever realized. It was previously not possible to merge individual print jobs into print streams or to perform automated mailing or electronic mailing of documents. When the new technology was brought in, Infinica experts trained a selected team from Itzehoer on the process engine and template creation components of Infinica software.


The biggest challenge was to merge documents from the old and new systems for the postageoptimization system and digital postage. The large number of documents required high standards in terms of performance and scalability. Customized postage optimization required a flexible output management system that allowed not only individual print jobs to be merged into large print streams but also paper-tray triggering for use of blank forms and other forms as well as e-mail delivery of documents. In Infinica, Itzehoer’s IT experts found a software solution that could be implemented very quickly and which easily adapted to the company’s processes and requirements.

Results Achieved

  • Intelligent composition and good maintainability of documents
  • Preview of documents at the workplace
  • Re-editing of defined places in documents on a case-by-case basis
  • Supplement guidance-control system
  • Tie-in to archive (1:1 copying of documents)
  • Multiple tenancy
  • Merging of documents for a single customer
  • Merging of individual print jobs into big print streams
  • E-mail delivery of selected documents
  • Less load on the mail room due to automatic enveloping
  • Electronic billing with the postal service: customized postage optimization and digital postage
  • Shorter run times
  • Transpromotional capabilities: document-linking of advertising messages
  • Simple to react to corporate design changes