Navigating troubled waters

Infinica Year in Review 2020

2020 was undoubtedly a special year, and Covid-19 certainly had a big part to play in it. In addition to all the challenges brought about by the global pandemic, there were also many moments when we outgrew ourselves, broke with previous conventions and learned new things. As we now start the new year well rested and full of energy, we would like to take the opportunity to briefly review 2020 from the Infinica perspective.

Growth at all levels

For the past 14 years, we have been developing solutions for customer communications management as Infinica. We have recently highlighted the history of our origins in a separate article.

Despite all the obstacles, 2020 was a successful year for us – the pandemic had less impact on our industry than we had initially feared. It could even have a positive impact in the medium term, as it has made many companies aware of the growing importance of digitized processes. In times when many companies are increasingly relying on home offices and virtual collaboration, reliable solutions for process-driven digital creation of document management in particular are more important than ever.

Our reach grew significantly in the past year. The main reason for this was the continuous internationalization of our target markets and partners. We currently have customers in ten different countries, and with the help of local partners, we are now also expanding into Italy and Poland.

Alongside the number of customers, our team has also grown. In addition, we are constantly on the lookout for more talent to meet the increasing demand and to further develop the Infinica platform at an ever-increasing pace.

Product highlights

A lot has happened in the past year, especially in the further development of the Infinica platform. Among the multitude of technical improvements, some product enhancements have drawn particular attention.

  • The significantly improved reporting and analysis possibilities through our new Infinica Reporting Module.
  • The successful expansion of our SaaS offering through the extension of the Infinica Cloud platform and the improved Infinica Salesforce integration.
  • The biggest innovation in the past year was the introduction of the Infinica Business Designer. With its help, templates can now be designed even more easily. Users without the appropriate background knowledge can use it to quickly achieve high-quality results.

Event highlights

As well as many activities can be transferred to the home office, it is difficult with those that are based on interpersonal contact – like events. While our annual sailing event, the Infinica Business Cup, could still take place on a somewhat smaller scale and with appropriate precautions, this wasn’t quite so easy for our Infinica Day at the beginning of October. This event is an important part of our corporate culture and is highly appreciated by customers, partners as well as interested parties as a place to get detailed information, to establish contacts and to exchange ideas with like-minded people. Thus, it became clear very quickly that we would accept the challenge and move it into the digital space without further ado. The great interest and the many positive reactions to the first virtual Infinica Day finally  proved that this was the right decision. With more than 140 participants, we were even able to surpass our previous attendance record.

The sails are set for 2021

The past year has welded us together as a team and taught us valuable lessons in responding creatively and flexibly to new problems. As a company, we emerge stronger from the year gone by – thanks to these lessons – and would like to express our sincere thanks to all our customers, partners, supporters and friends for their great cooperation.

After the past year with all its surprises and twists and turns, we are all generally cautious in making predictions for the future. But there is one thing we are more certain about than ever before: the need for personalized customer communications for a wide variety of output channels and formats will increase in all industries. Efficiency, speed and agility through process control and automation will become even more important.