Infinica 6.0 released

We have published the latest major release of the Infinica platform

The New Year brings a new major release

After months of development we are proud to announce the release of version 6.0, the latest major release of the Infinica platform. Besides a number of functional enhancements and improvements, one thing was clearly in the center of attention: the Infinica Business Designer. This is a new component that perfectly complements the functionality of our Customer Communication Management Platform.

Easier template creation

The Infinica Business Designer was designed especially with business users in mind and offers a particularly convenient and intuitive way to create templates. From the very beginning, the development of the Business Designer was focused on a high usability and a low entry barrier, which has influenced the design of the user interface in particular.

The Business Designer now achieves the balancing act of offering a low entry barrier to less experienced creators on the one hand, while at the same time enabling advanced users to continue to implement even the most complex requirements.

Thanks to the full compatibility between Infinica Business Designer and Infinica Template Designer, the combined use of both products is possible as well.

Learn more about the benefits of Infinica Business Designer and talk to one of our experts.

Some highlights of Infinica Business Designer:

  • Completely web-based user interface for template creation
  • Seamless integration and compatibility with the entire Infinica platform
  • Easy usability – for business users as well as technical experts
  • Highly flexible role management which can be used to specify and customize functional permissions for different departments and user groups within the organization.
  • Comprehensive features for test data management
  • Flexible combination of role and content permissions
  • Supports the creation of in-house components

Additional exciting improvements

The new Business Designer is a major milestone in the ongoing expansion of our Infinica platform as a SaaS offering.

Regarding the Infinica Cloud platform, the continuous expansion of our Infinica Salesforce integration is particularly noteworthy. You can already create personalized customer documents such as contracts, quotes or customer information directly from Salesforce. Thanks to the fully Salesforce-integrated Infinica web application, no third-party software is required.

Of course, there have also been improvements in many other areas – for example with the analysis of dependencies between modules and templates or with the mapping of master template concepts.

Last but not least, the reporting and analysis capabilities of the Infinica platform have been significantly improved with the help of our new reporting module.