On Cloud nine

Why web-based applications are taking off

The Corona-Crisis brought many industries to a halt, but also accelerated developments in other industries. Trends like renewable energy, electronic vehicles and also cloud services are more thriving than ever, as many companies all around the globe used this downtime to double down on modernization. Companies now spend about a third of their IT budget on cloud computing services, and as a result that market is now the fastest growing in the whole IT industry. You might wonder if this investment is paying off, so we want to show you the most important advantages of cloud computing over traditional on-premise solutions.

Cloud computing 101

Cloud computing is basically the deployment of computing resources (e.g. servers, storage, databases, network components, software, analytics and intelligent functions) over the Internet, i.e. the cloud, to provide faster innovation and flexible resources. The most important benefit over on-premise solutions is that with cloud computing, you do not have to bring up the high acquisition costs for the latest hardware and software. You also do not need to have expensive IT experts on your payroll to manage the infrastructure. Based on a subscription model, you typically only pay for the cloud services you actually use, which makes it perfectly adaptable to the respective size of your company. This allows you to reduce your operating costs and to scale on demand.

Benefits all along the line

Immediate reduction of cost is one of the major reasons to use cloud computing, but there are also some upsides in terms of functionality. As we explained above, most cloud computing services can be modified by the actual demand, so even large amounts of processing power can be deployed in minutes. With just a few clicks, businesses can benefit from this increased flexibility and alleviate the pressures of rigorous capacity planning.

Relying on cloud computing can also help your IT department to focus on more important company goals and stop them from wasting time on basic level issues like setting up hardware, applying software patches, and other time-consuming administrative IT tasks. They don’t need to worry whether their on-premise server is operating correctly and efficiently, as most cloud computing services run on a global network of secure data centers that are regularly upgraded to the latest generation of fast and efficient computing hardware. Cloud computing also handles data backup and emergency recovery all by itself with mirroring data at multiple locations on the cloud provider’s network. Crucial company data is secured by the latest data safety standards and as new data legislation is put into place, the data security concerns of the past have vanished.

With such a long list of advantages and an ever more crowded market with monthly rates dropping, cloud computing services will be the way to go for most companies and they have now turned into a booming industry. In 2020, it was valued at $371 billion, and it is expected to increase at a compound annual rate of 17.5% in the next five years.

Now you are probably curious how the perks of cloud computing come into play in real life. Based on the benefits of the Infinica Business Designer, we want to give you a clearer picture of the advantages of cloud-based solutions, so let’s have a look.

Web-based template design

Being part of Infinicas SaaS offering, the Business Designer allows the design of templates in an easy and intuitive way. It was developed especially for business users who prefer a web-based solution and do not have expert know-how. Usability aspects for this user group were essential drivers of the simple interface design and seamless editing of templates and building blocks.

The Business Designer is accessible to less experienced creators on the one hand, while at the same time enabling advanced users to continue to implement even the most complex requirements. It features highly flexible role management which can be used to specify and customize functional permissions for different departments and user groups within the organization.

One major application of the Infinica SaaS offering is the integration into Salesforce Sales- and Service-Cloud.

Cloud Output Management for Salesforce

The advantages of working directly in the cloud come into play with the new Infinica Salesforce document generation. Here you can now create personalized customer documents such as contracts, quotes, invoices or customer letters directly from Salesforce with the fully integrated Infinica Cloud Service. By not requiring any third party software such as MS Word, companies get access to the wide range of features and possibilities that are provided by an enterprise output solution. Thanks to the completely web-based user interface, you can instead create all documents interactively in the browser – all directly from Salesforce. This reduces training time and streamlines existing workflows.

The creation of documents is not limited to Salesforce either – documents can originate there and can then be enhanced with additional data from other applications. By supporting numerous additional data sources to Salesforce our solution opens up a wide range of further use cases. Your Customer Communication Management becomes much more versatile and future proof, all while complying with the CI of your company. With our output management you can now unleash the full potential of your Salesforce Sales & Service Cloud and any other enterprise core application.

There are many advantages of cloud computing over on-premise and it’s not all about the immediate cost benefit, but also the enhanced performance and functionality that makes companies move their systems to the Cloud. Given the many benefits that now come with cloud applications, your company would most likely also benefit from moving its customer communication management to the cloud.

We are happy to support you in identifying possible use cases and how to improve existing processes. Simply contact us and our experts will be happy to help you.