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With our innovative software products, we help you to digitize and automate your document creation so that your customer communication management is individually and efficiently tailored to you. In doing so, we take into account your customer-specific and business requirements and develop interactive output and communication solutions with the most modern CCM platform.

Our software product solutions become the heart of your IT architecture, with which you can distribute documents in various formats, such as PDF, PostScript, responsive HTML5 through any output channels, such as e-mail, printers, SMS and social media.

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Our goal is to maximize customer satisfaction and build on the basic idea gained from it. Especially since customer service is the basis for long-term and sustainable cooperation. 

Important factors for increasing customer satisfaction are continuous optimization of the products offered, exchange of information about ongoing processes, consistent investments in the enhancement of the customer experience and individual customer care. 


With the help of INFINICA’s structured, integrative system, the catalogue creation is now completed in a few days, previously this process took three to four weeks. 
UTAH Informationsservice GmbH (Internorm Group)

Jürgen BuchingerBusiness Analyst & Process Engineer

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