Customer Communication Management

Deploy the latest customer communications processes and the most efficient customer self-service quotations.


The Infinica platform facilitates innovative digital communication with your customers.

Create communications tailored to your customers’ needs through:

  • Consistent personalization of content based on existing customer data
  • The use of customer-specific output channels
  • The integration of social media channels in customer communications
  • The integrated approach through the wide variety of outputs channels

Customer Self-Service

Increase the involvement of your customers by using rights-controlled documents and forms.

Speed up processes – reduce costs:

  • By using electronic forms and interactive documents, you involve customers at an early stage
  • Use access rights to allow your customers to make decisions within the framework of the defined options
  • Fully automate processes – without any interaction with employees
  • Free up your employees for more intensive consultancy work

Solution Overview

Document Composition: Create and edit quotations, forms, contracts, responsive mails, and much more besides, in batch, on-demand and interactively.

Customer Communication Management: Deploy the most modern and efficient customer communication processes and customer self-service scenarios available.

Customer Experience Management: Exploit the know-how you have in relation to your customers and create outstanding experiences.

Mobile Solutions: Rely on mobile sales and customer support scenarios to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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