Customer Experience Management

Make use of the knowledge you have concerning your customers: create outstanding experiences and increase the customer satisfaction rate.

CCM and CRM become CXM

Together, Customer Communication Management and Customer Relationship Management give rise to an innovative and integrated offering for your powerful Customer Experience Management.

Bundle the strengths of CRM and Infinica’s CCM and offer innovative customer experiences:

  • CRM offers a 360 degree view of your customer data – but their functionality is limited when it comes to creating documents
  • Your CRM system remains the single point of truth – supplemented to include the modules, templates, and communication processes provided by the Infinica CCM platform – for any output channel
  • Infinica communication processes supplements the processes defined in the CRM system and integrate tasks in the central task list
  • Infinica can be seamlessly integrated into all the usual CRM solutions

Integration of CRM Solutions

Integrate Infinica seamlessly into all the usual CRM solutions.

The benefits to you:

  • Infinica relies on open standards and a modern architecture – this means you can simply integrate the solution into superordinate business processes
  • You can organize back-end integration through web services, Java API, etc.
  • The Infinica web interfaces for interactive documents and forms are specially designed for integration into third-party systems
  • You pass tasks on to a central task management system
  • Guaranteed upward and downward compatibility

Solution Overview

Document Composition: Create and edit quotations, forms, contracts, responsive mails, and much more besides, in batch, on-demand and interactively.

Customer Communication Management: Deploy the most modern and efficient customer communication processes and customer self-service scenarios available.

Customer Experience Management: Exploit the know-how you have in relation to your customers and create outstanding experiences.

Mobile Solutions: Rely on mobile sales and customer support scenarios to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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