Document Composition

Create and edit quotations, forms, contracts, documents, responsive emails, and much more besides.

Interactive Documents

Use the digital business processes with Infinica’s interactive document composition.

Create documents securely and in conformation with the compliance regulations:

  • Interactive document composition in the web client – device-independently
  • Rights-controlled editing of documents, contracts, quotations, and forms
  • Use of released templates only – to prevent copy/paste errors
  • Safeguarding of the corporate identity
  • Traceability throughout the entire document creation process
  • Seamless integration with existing systems

Batch and On-Demand

Further core Infinica functions include mass creation and on-demand production of documents.

Produce millions of pages – or use the on-demand function:

  • Use only defined templates to create mail shots
  • Load data from various existing systems
  • Create the resultant documents in a wide variety of output formats
  • Store the documents in the various target systems
  • Benefit from enclosure management and mailing compilation
  • Integrate printing systems or external print service providers

Solution Overview

Document Composition: Create and edit quotations, forms, contracts, responsive mails, and much more besides, in batch, on-demand and interactively.

Customer Communication Management: Deploy the most modern and efficient customer communication processes and customer self-service scenarios available.

Customer Experience Management: Exploit the know-how you have in relation to your customers and create outstanding experiences.

Mobile Solutions: Rely on mobile sales and customer support scenarios to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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