Mobile Solutions

Rely on mobile sales and flexible customer support – in this way you will increase efficiency and consistently reduce costs.


Use Infinica to master the challenges of processing mobile business cases.

Mobile service units benefit from:

  • Mobile capture of forms
  • Direct data transfer to the existing systems
  • The inclusion of photos, incl. notes, in the document directly
  • The seamless integration of the underlying form processes


With Infinica you can use the powerful functions for your mobile sales:

  • Interactive creation of contracts on mobile devices
  • Fast selection of the text modules relevant to the customers
  • Use of text modules released by Marketing and/or the legal department
  • Rights-controlled editing of contracts, quotations, and documents
  • Digital signature for immediate conclusion of the transaction
  • Integration with the CRM system and electronic archive
  • Workflow-based creation of documents (releases etc.)

Solution Overview

Document Composition: Create and edit quotations, forms, contracts, responsive mails, and much more besides, in batch, on-demand and interactively.

Customer Communication Management: Deploy the most modern and efficient customer communication processes and customer self-service scenarios available.

Customer Experience Management: Exploit the know-how you have in relation to your customers and create outstanding experiences.

Mobile Solutions: Rely on mobile sales and customer support scenarios to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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