Wien Energie

Infinica streamlines composition, printing and mailing of WIEN ENERGIE documents.

The Project

The aim of the project was to streamline the daily preparation of contracts, customer correspondence, work orders and informational materials. The former solution with Word and SAP CRM had no longer been able to cover the requirements at hand. Implementing Infinica made it possible to improve reuse of modules and thereby substantially lower administrative expenditures.


  • Connecting to a printing production line
  • Using an existing printing production line with two Xerox high-performance printers in conjunction with enveloping and franking machines, enabling low-cost mass processing with postage optimization.
  • Loading control of PDF documents
  • Architecture and scalability of the application
    Four-tier client/server architecture with cluster solutions
  • A central repository for documents
    Management of templates in a repository with administration of authorization and
  • Connecting SAP and archiving systems
    Connecting SAP CRM: Invoking from CRM system, embedding Web query dialogs and saving in a PAM archive with linking (archive link) into the SAP CRM. Automatic indexing of archive documents.

Results Achieved

DET document composition

  • Faster run times for the composition of document
  • Streamlining of an internal mailing route
  • Central repository for the use of Infinica templates

Cost reduction

  • Minimization of storage costs in an archiving system
  • Minimization of composition time for documents
  • Savings of between 10-60 seconds per document for end users
  • Multiple use of text modules
  • Connecting to a printing production line
  • Automated supplement control and enveloping